Idealogic developed an immersive blockchain-based metaverse for Revolve Games

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How we started: Discovery, product requirements and functionality scope

Revolve Games was looking for a custom blockchain development company with the experience in DeFi platform creation. They contacted us among other companies at first, looking for better technical and business analytics expertise. In a series of interviews with the company owners and lead managers, we finalized our product development plan and offered it to Revolve Games. The company considered our suggestions on product development and business mechanics and entrusted us with the development of the whole platform.

Getting back to where we started

At first, we took the proposal and the product development plan and analysed it again. With the NDA signed our team was able to get more information from the Revolve Games teams and put their ideas on the list. The whole idea of creating the RG ecosystem was based on two main assets: the web app itself and web admin panel. The web app is a massive open world RPG with assets tokenization. And the admin panel is responsible for client management, P2P transactions, assets management, and data ETL (extraction, transformation, loading). As a subtask, we also had to create a reliable web platform for easy access for thousands of players as well as the management team.

Here is a scope for web app and admin panel:

Web application

  • icon All functionality of the webpage is available
  • icon Account creation, customization, management
  • icon Account creation with crypto wallet credentials
  • icon Token purchase, in-game assets purchase
  • icon NFT generation for the client account
  • icon Access and use of NFT marketplace within the game
  • icon Access, management and selling of the NFTs by a player
  • icon Game session of any length
  • icon Wallet top up, P2P payments functionality

Web admin panel

  • icon Accounts creation with multiple levels of access
  • icon Account management
  • icon Tracking changes in the ecosystem done by each account
  • icon Real-time analytics: creation and management of custom dashboards
  • icon Client accounts management and full access
  • icon CMS functionality for customer support, cohort management and analysis
  • icon Token analytics page with real-time data

We implemented the functionality scope we listed in the discovery page in the development stage later on.

Architecture, picking the types of tokens and technology stack to run the platform

With the functionality scope clarified, we had 4 main modules of the Revolve Game ecosystem: the game itself, the website, the web application for client access through the website and the admin panel.

We decided to build this architecture on 4 connected modules, with the admin panel connected to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. The web application was integrated with the MetaMask technology that allows users to sign in via MetaMask wallets, as well as with their custom credentials.. The web application was also developed to redirect users to third-party exchanges (Uniswap and Pancake Swap) to purchase RPG tokens that would be used for participating in the in-game staking pool.



Web application

Admin panel

MetaMask wallets

BSC ecosystem

We decided to host the ecosystem on the Amazon Web Services, as it would cut the expenses for launching the in-house infrastructure and for the initial time of the project growth and scaling will minimize the time and resources for infrastructure support. Additionally, building the Revelve game ecosystem on three separate modules allowed us to design the architecture that is easy to scale up and out.

Based on the product functionality requirements and architecture layout, we decided to stick to these technologies with our development team.

  • icon

    Node.js – a back end, JavaScript environment

  • icon

    PostgreSQL – ralarional database

  • icon

    React.js – a front end, JavaScript library

  • icon

    Rest API – communication protocol (Architecture style)

  • icon

    MetaMask – a third party crypto wallet

  • icon

    Solidity Smart Contracts

  • icon

    Web3.js – an Ethereum JavaScript API

  • icon

    Binance Smart Chain Network

Choosing the tokens for the game mechanics

Revolve Games and our development team decided to use two types of tokens within the ecosystem. The first one would be in-game one, for assets, NFTs purchase and P2P transactions. The second one would be convertible with the first token in an exchange pair and then easily used in transactions outside the ecosystem. The Idelogic team decided to develop RPG in two standards (ERC-20 and BEP-20) that were equalized via a cross-chain solution Ferrum and listed on two decentralized exchanges Uniswap and Pancakeswap that would be used for the further issuing of NFTs as well.

How did we organized our work on this project?

Our development teams decided to stick to the CI/CD workflow, which allowed us to implement the new functionality quickly, validate the new code quality and its integrity with the whole ecosystem, and work on separate modules at the same time.

CI/CD pipeline

icon Code
icon Commit
icon Related Code

CI pipeline

icon Build
icon Unit Tests
Integrations tests

CD pipeline

icon Review
icon Staging
icon Production

Here are the key managerial guidelines we followed throughout the project:

  • A An account manager for daily communication with the client
  • B Each week presentation of the progress
  • C Reporting on any stopping issue immediately
  • D Real-time work logging and time spent logging
  • E 4 independent task forces on Development, QA, Business analytics and DevOps, with DevOps team and Head of Architecture leading the process.
  • F CMS functionality for customer support, cohort management and analysis

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