Open Idea #4: Easy Shopping

07 Oct 2020


#Open Ideas

Did you miss our Open Ideas rubric? Today we present you with the fourth Open Idea – an app for a smooth and pleasant shopping experience.

For some, shopping is a blessing that helps to forget about pressing tasks and routine at home and work. Others, however, may consider shopping as a complete waste of time that exhausts both body and mind. Introverts, for instance, want to avoid unnecessary communication and contact as much as possible. So many men, so many minds! However, those struggling to enjoy traditional shopping should not force themselves to do what they don’t like — there may be a nice and easy solution for them!

Imagine an app that helps you buy only whenever there is a truly good offer and only those things that you actually need — instead of making impulse purchases, which, in fact, account for up to 16% of total store sales! With such an app, one will be able to search for discounts, sales, and special offers in the areas of interest, such as clothes, shoes, and home decor. The app will eliminate the need to physically look for goods and notify the user when there is the best time to buy something he wanted. Since the app is a marketplace, not only can users save their time and money, but also retailers can get higher sales.

Why is it better than online shopping? Well, not everyone has a standard body shape. Sometimes it’s simply impossible to choose a piece of clothing that fits without trying it on. For those, online shopping is not a good option, so they are forced to roam around the shops. With the app, however, they can do it as little as possible — only when they are certain that the purchase is a favorable one.

Let’s consider the potential features of the app.

  • AR for the virtual fitting room.
  • “Favorites” tab where one can save products he wants to buy. The app will tell the user when a particular product is running out of stock or when there is a discount on it.
  • A map with points of sale where a user can choose and highlight the most suitable locations. The app can also navigate to the point of sale.
  • Customisable feed with the products of interest.
  • Search by photo or image.
  • Search by barcode.
  • Admin panel for retailers where they can upload their products.

As for the target audience, it will be a community of active smartphone users of the age from 20 to 35 years. They don’t like to spend much time on traditional shopping and prefer to get what they want at the most reasonable price.

As for the monetization, there will be two main revenue streams:

1. Ads from retailers.

2. Paid subscription for no-ads version.

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