How we designed an astonishing application for an ambitious crypto startup

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Where we started?

Our client is a gold crypto app that allows users to make financial operations and trade crypto with gold as an exchange pair.

The company focused on the trading experience and ease of financial operations for clients. Glue executives tasked us to create the application UI/UX, product, and company identity that should outstand more popular and already present on the market firms.

Glue’s business model is built on long-term relationships with the customers, spending more on client retention with the help of easy experience, client nurturing, and client education. As trading with gold pairs offers more cautious trading strategies for the potential users of the Glue, the company expects them to stay longer and invest more. 

So, the business approaches of the Glue that should be presented in design and application functionality were:

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    Trust and transparency

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    Easy functionality for trading & assets management

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    Noticeable, outstanding, catchy young company

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    Easy access to the support team and personal managers

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    Memorable UI for better retention and remarketing

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How we decided to organize our work on product design?

At first, we had the basic data and client profiles from Glue. Then, we had to run our own design research to get the color palette, element base, and insights about the functionality of the future app. With that information in hand, we could go directly to the design itself.

  • 1

    Predesign research — qualitative and quantitative interviews

  • 2

    Summarizing the quantitative interview data and making the insights list

  • 3

    PRD analysis and creation of the action plan

  • 4

    Elements development

  • 5

    Design mockups and discovery presentation for the client

  • 6

    Assembling the prototype

  • 7

    Prototype presentation to the client and feedback collection

  • 8

    Design implementation
    by the development team

  • 9

    Post Launch UI/UX improvements and development

Moving from the idea to the interface

We run qualitative interviews with potential clients to define the key use cases and study how they may use our functionality to solve their goals.

Some of the insights directly affected the UX/UI creation, while others proved the strategic focus of the brand:

  • New, easy-to-use application
  • Simple trading session
  • All data should be in one place
  • Transparent, no hidden commissions

All the qualitative information was gathered into 3 separate personas: Persona A “Newcomer”, Persona B “Investor”, and Persona C “Crypto Enthusiast”.

As we conducted the research together with a marketing team, we concentrated on developing the solution for Persona A with some crucial insights from Persona B. At the same time, the Marketing team decided to use our visuals and communication patterns to work on UX of Personas A and C.


Developing the wireframes of the future app’s interface

We analyzed the layout of the competitors’ apps to create the frame of the elements’ positioning, which would help us to develop the iOS and Android applications for the client with the Idealogic app development team’s efforts.

Creating the design of the fonts and color patterns


Work Sans

24px 18px 16px 14px 12px

Regular Medium Bold

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj
Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss
Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

Color palette







Text primary


Text secondary




Work result

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One dashboard with real-time
analytics and trading data

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Easy exchange pair

decoration work result work result

Supply/borrow in one click

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No hidden commissions data
for all operations

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