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Health Life

An app that provides users with workout routine tailored to their needs.

Health Life is an effective tool to schedule a personalized workout plan, track training logs, and analyze data and stats of physical activity.

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Team members


Month duration


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Client`s needs

Client`s needs

Workout guide

To have a personalized workout guide

Optimal intensity of physical load

To choose the optimal intensity of physical load

Access to the workouts

To have constant access to the workouts

Organize a workout

To organize a workout schedule

Workout history

To track workout history and progress

Body indicators

To make changes to the workout program according to the body indicators

Our solutions

Our solutions
Three levels of workouts

3 intensity levels of workouts according to the user’s preferences and needs

Workout calendar

Calendar with a workout plan and push notifications about upcoming training

Workout video

Library of instructional workout videos from experienced trainers

Training history

Training history shows a progress bar of all workouts along with their intensity

Benefits for users

Benefits for users
Variety of physical activities

Variety of physical activities

Huge library of high-quality instructional training videos.

AI system of recommendations

Personalized training recommendations

Tailored workouts with different intensity to help users achieve their goals.

Workout plan

Organized workout plan

The calendar that won’t let users forget about the training.

Tracking and analysis

Progress tracking and analysis

Workout history and stats help users see their achievements.

Work result

Work result - History
Work result - Day pulse
Work result - Week plan
Work result - Video
Work result - Team
Work result - Profile

Please note that all our works are under NDA. Contact our managers to learn more about them

Please note that all our works are under NDA. We have changed brand names to display the projects on the website. To learn more about them, contact our managers via live chat.

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