How to Outsource Mobile App Development and Not Regret It?

21 Feb 2023

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Some people have brilliant ideas, and others can implement them. It is hard to be a professional in design, development or understanding the market all in one. That is why most startups and even established businesses go for outsourcing.

Often, the app as the product is the backbone of the company. In that case, the business directly depends on that product. The whole company’s business model will collapse if it is a poorly developed app that can’t retain users. Therefore, the firm needs high-quality specialists with broad expertise to develop and launch the app. The in-house team may lack the knowledge and creative approach, as it usually works with the same product for a long time. So, in some cases, it is impossible to continue without at least a few outsourcing specialists with a new outside view. With the best professionals involved, the risk of failure is minimized. 

In the case of startups, it is even more convenient to seek an experienced outsourcing company. First, startups usually need more resources for in-house developers. Second, if the idea is unique, the software development approach will likely differ from already known solutions. Product implementation matters a lot for establishing credibility and gaining a reputation.

Collaboration with the mobile app development outsourcing company has its own specifics. Let’s discover the noteworthy moments.

Time and Resources Estimation for Mobile App Development

Considering the diversity of requests and specific business needs, it is better to discuss the most critical factors influencing mobile app development costs than to manipulate precise numbers. These listed criteria help to prioritize business needs.

iOS, Android, or Cross-Platform Development

The choice of the operating system for mobile app development solely depends on the business’s needs and product specifics. For each its own, the iOS app may be enough to achieve a business goal, while for others, there is a need to develop for Android too. For example, if the primary monetization method is in-app purchases, iOS development is more convenient, as iOS users are more inclined to buy in the apps. If the main goal is to cover as many users as possible, then Android development will help, as there are more Android users. 

Mobile App Functionality

The vast majority of the apps use some of the most popular third-party integrations, like social media sharing and login, geolocation, payments, or real-time chats, while some of the newest apps implement AI solutions. The easiest way to monetize your app is in-app purchases, and adding this feature is also costly and takes time. That is why some companies initially offer to develop an MVP (minimum viable product) to test the project among the selected circle and gain time to persuade the investors to go further and add new features. With this in mind, if you are tight on budget or do not want to take a risk, you should define the most valuable future app features and start from scratch by implementing additional features later.

However, you should bear in mind that mobile app functionality is the factor that influences the success of the whole idea in some cases. If the app is not just part of the product idea or in some way an instrument to promote the project but the product itself, it should be impeccable from the beginning, both in terms of functionality and UI design.

Mobile App Development Outsourcing Company Specifics

The outsourcing company has to have expertise in technical and visual solutions. There is a lot of bureaucracy when uploading apps to Google Play, for instance. It requires an enduring checking and evaluating process after every update, and the place among the other apps is defined differently every time. If the user finds the bugs, it crashes the app, and the negative reviews will appear immediately. With every debugging, there would be an updated version, and only some users download updates regularly. It means that there may be eight versions of the product at some point, and every user will deal with a different one. Therefore, UX design hugely impacts the app’s rating, visibility, and business profits. Every second when the app is not working costs reputation and money. That is why the company has to have an experienced development team. The final product should be the best possible to launch and run the business later successfully.

Final time and resource estimation would differ from case to case, but these factors matter for all businesses and apps. They help visualize the process, concentrate on the critical parts, and choose the starting point.

Are you looking for an outsourcing company for your product? We may help with estimation and development.


Choosing a Team for App Development

The mobile app development team will leave you with a product you should sell and advertise. It has to be as perfect an app as possible to attract and retain customers. It also has to be on time. That is why choosing the team has to be well thought out. For new business owners, it may be hard to decide, not knowing what factors matter. In general, there are four points to consider: team expertise, cases, an ability to follow PRD and estimate accurately, and client service.

Team Expertise

Choosing a bunch of teams is relatively easy as you can go to Google, Clutch, or Goodfirms to seek the ratings solely by reviews or by a mix of factors. The real struggle is to settle with one that suits your demand the most. There are some factors worth paying attention to. First, the company site and media presence allow you to understand its values, workflow, how they position itself on the market, and what they have to offer. It also allows you to meet the team members. Years of experience mean expertise, and the technology stack shows a company’s ability to work on different tasks. All these points must be relevant to your request, as the company may have prominent achievements unrelated to your goal.


Cases show the diversity of branches the company works with and the team’s skills. They define the company’s main specialization and show the types of clients the firm deals with. You can evaluate the team’s designs and features and decide if it is what you are expecting for your app. If a company has developed many apps, one more will be easy and fast.

PRD Consistency

PRD (product requirements document) is the mutual agreement result between you and the outsourcing company. This cooperation includes defining the requirements and business goals, offering possible technical solutions, discussing them, setting the terms of future collaboration, and eventually estimating the project costs. 

The PRD discussion will show the attitude towards the project and reveal the communication specifics. If working on PRD together seems bearable, future cooperation is more likely to be fruitful. The responsibility for the project is shared, and the results matter to both parties. The company has to meet deadlines, and you have to be clear from the beginning to make that possible. In the end, you will get a final product, and the company will add a new successful case to its portfolio. The changes during the product development are inevitable yet not desirable as they entail delays, so the goal is to agree at least on the most points in the initial stages.

Client Service

Everyone appreciates the individual approach when it comes to something valuable. For example, if the company is attentive to details, it reflects on the project later. It starts from the initial stages. It may be attractive to settle promising deadlines, but it is more careful to estimate correctly. It is way better when the company ensures involvement in the development process so that you can control it yourself if you want to. The risk of disapproval is much lower in that situation, so it is a win-win situation.

Idealogic team manages the development process with a step-by-step plan. We may start work on your project now.


How to Organize Work and Communication with the App Development Outsourcing Team?

Every new step in the business environment may be difficult for beginners, so an overview of how everything works in the outsourcing company from the insider may help. Designers and developers usually concentrate on the project, while sales managers, business analysts, and product managers communicate with the clients. Let’s imagine the typical way from the first step til the last, from choosing the outsourcing company to release. It takes a lot of time to clarify and secure every detail and sign a contract. For example, in Idealogic, the whole process can be outlined in three main stages: initial estimation, product design, and development. Our head of the project management office and business analyst Oleh Henaliuk tells us how it usually works.

Initial Estimation

The process begins right after receiving an answer to our application form. The sales managers take the client’s request and ask general questions about the app’s idea and what kind of product needs to be developed. After hearing the answers, we discuss what we can and can’t do and estimate the specified functionality.

Then, there is a more detailed call with the sales manager to define the technical specifics, such as:

  • languages
  • accessibility features
  • how many simultaneous online users should the app withstand
  • types of devices
  • screen orientations
  • the OS, and OS versions

If it is hard for the client to settle with the answers, or there is a time shortage, we offer our standard approach. It includes basics, for instance, cross-platform development only for portrait-oriented smartphone layouts with English as the only supported language.

Based on the answers, the whole team works on a more precise estimation of the time and people involved needed for the app development. This conversation is critical, as it influences the future development process directly. If we are talking about specific examples that can cause delays later, Oleh mentions the login settings, like resetting password problems and screen types.

After that, the sales manager can contact the client again to tell them how much the app development will cost, how much time is needed, how many people will work on the project, and their responsibilities. After clarifying the main points, it is time to sign the contract.

Product Design

Product design may be part of the process or may end the cooperation. Some clients may want to get the design variations and the app’s road map with all the future features included to show to the investors to get that development money. Therefore, there are two separate contracts — for the product design and the development process. Usually, communication between the client and our company includes weekly calls where we discuss project progress and show the amount of work done. Customers also get regular reports and follow-ups to ensure clarity and satisfaction for both parties.

Product Development and Communication Obstacles

Our Head of PMO Oleh Henaliuk underlines the importance of discussing everything, as every change in the development process leads to delays. However, as was mentioned, changes are inevitable. Clients usually want to change the requirements or the deadlines during the process. It depends on the change scale. If it is some minor modification that will take additional three hours or so, there is even nothing to discuss that much. However, it is a lot of work if we talk about adding new features, which is why the approach is different. Oleh explains that it may take a lot of time, as there will be new contracts for all the requests to add new features.

After the development, we offer individual support packages for each project. The person who would deal with any post-release problems is usually someone who worked on the project, knows its specifications, and has the expertise to deal with any inconveniences.

Therefore, an outsourcing company for mobile app development is a good option, as long as you choose it carefully and pay attention to details. If you communicate clearly, you will get a partner involved in the project as much as you are, and it will be way faster and cheaper than hiring an in-house team. Outsourcing companies have experience, expertise, many cases to prove it, and regular updates. Launching an app may seem overwhelming, so it is nice to take at least some weight off the shoulders. Reach the Idealogic team, and we will develop a new mobile app for your business.

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