Open Idea #1: Email 2.0

22 Apr 2020


#Open Ideas

At these lockdown times, when most people are on quarantine and there is a lack of socializing and ideas spreading, we decided to implement a social initiative to brighten up these grey isolated days – let’s share ideas!

The quarantine does not stop great minds from generating creative ideas but it does prevent them from effectively communicating their concepts to the public and, of course, investors. At Idealogic, we decided to become a mediator between prominent entrepreneurs with promising startup ideas and investors that want to build a better future. To this end, we are introducing a new rubric called “Open Ideas” where everyone can share his bright ideas through our media channels. Our plan is to introduce to the public one idea per month.

The benefit is two-fold: entrepreneurs get coverage while investors get promising projects. Of course, we will not share all the technical details of the potential project to protect business ideas, but we will indeed help with finding those who are interested in them! Moreover, if an entrepreneur decides to realize his idea, Idealogic and its team of experts may well become a development partner.

To open the rubric, we decided to start with ourselves – today we are presenting you an open idea #1 from CEO at Idealogic, Oleksandr Saiko.

Let’s start with a lyrical historic intro. About 30 years ago, people used to write a lot of letters, and with letters, they often sent money to their loved ones as well as business partners. Yes, although it might sound surprising today, money was indeed sent in postal envelopes!

But times change, and at some point, people witnessed the emergence of postal services, messengers, money transfers, and P2P payments – all in all, now we have mobile phones and computers with a lot of applications that simplify our daily lives. One may think that we have reached the peak of development in the financial sphere and that several adjustments may be made, but they are not really necessary. But the truth is that there is always some room for development.

Oleksandr’s idea is to boost security and convenience by presenting a unique product built on blockchain to integrate email, contracting, and a payment tool that secures maximum privacy and protection of the data. It will be the system where everything is stored on the blockchain and everyone has his personal access key to encrypt all the data. Users can forget about separate postal accounts and the threat of having the server hacked and all the personal info taken by perpetrators. Contracts and agreements will become completely confidential, and payments will be faster, cheaper, and more secure. And all of it can be found in one comprehensive product!

For a better understanding of the process, let’s consider an example. Imagine you are having an email correspondence with your partner. With the use of the aforementioned product, all the emails, instead of being sent to a centralized server, will be sent directly to the recipient, encrypted. It means that no other party except for the two communicators will be able to access the data. You and your partner conclude a smart contract, and when its terms are fulfilled, the payment is automatically made.

If you like the idea, feel free to press a like button! If you want to develop it, contact us by phone or email ( and we will bring it into life.

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