Open Idea #2: Specialized Marketplace

27 May 2020


#Open Ideas

We have already discussed the purpose of our “Open Ideas” rubric in the first post but you know what our primary motivation was? To spur creativity. When our everyday life is so stuffed with routine tasks albeit at an interesting and beloved job, we often forget to think broadly and be open-minded. The thing is, the world is full of amazing opportunities and there are so many ways we can improve our wellbeing and make the world better! We just need to open up and think. We need to remember about how removing those nasty blinkers helps thinking broader and fresher. So, the main message of the rubric is: “Be inspired to think outside the box. Be creative!”

And today, we are presenting you with the second Open Idea: a specialized marketplace. The idea is dedicated to small businesses struggling in times of COVID-19 uncertainty and hardship. When demand plummets, profits do so as well, and intermediaries are no friends of small businesses as they take a piece of the already small profit-pie.

The idea is, then, in allowing entrepreneurs — be they farmers, designers, or shoemakers — to have their own specialized marketplace. Such a platform will provide for intermediary-free selling of goods or services and benefit both sellers and buyers. Benefits for entrepreneurs are severalfold: apart from not having to pay commission fees, they will also be able to form their own sales geography with all the necessary delivery options providing for the best quality and timing. Moreover, such a marketplace will provide for efficient sales analytics and forecasting. Buyers, on the other hand, will be able to make regular personalized purchases and also have an AI-based recommendation system.

Globalization may be good for big companies in good times, but small businesses need localized solutions for their entrepreneurial endeavors, especially in hard times like these.

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