Open Idea #3: Facilitating Healthcare

30 Jul 2020


#Open Ideas

In these strange and unprecedented times, we all are quite overwhelmed with the changes shaking our cities, countries, and the world in general. Sad news in the media, closed favorite restaurants, few countries to travel to… the list goes on almost indefinitely. But we shouldn’t forget that the coin always has two sides. The changes of recent months have brought a vast number of insights and intriguing opportunities. All we have to do is be open to the changes and concentrate on what can be done instead of lamenting over what is lacking.

As you probably remember, our “Open Ideas” rubric is aimed just at that—being open to new mindsets and solutions and understanding that coming up with the idea is not that difficult.

Since digital health is so on the rise today, the third idea under the rubric is all about facilitating healthcare experience. Everyone knows that traditional healthcare is all about bureaucracy and hassle. And everyone wants it to become smoother and more pleasant. Livs may be the solution.

The concept of Livs implies a B2B and B2C healthcare solution aimed to improve users’ health and facilitate communication between patients and doctors. The platform will be able to help users with tracking the history of their doctor visits, medical test results, and vaccination schedules. Moreover, Livs will help patients with finding the nearest clinic and specialist to make an appointment. The main benefits of such a solution will be saved time and convenience—the two things most needed in healthcare.

To enable the high-level security of a user’s sensitive data, the platform will be built on the basis of the decentralized architecture where every smartphone is a separate node. The platform will comprise a mobile application for users, a web app for medical clinics, and a web admin panel.

Let’s consider the roles of users of the platform.

1. Healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics). A healthcare provider creates an account, fills in the necessary data, receives an appointment request (can confirm or reject it), requests users’ personal data, assigns medical checkups, and provides recommendations.

Benefits: patients are more satisfied with the healthcare provider’s service, there is a unified secure database of the patients’ medical data, and doctors get the opportunity to better manage their time.

2. Users (patients). A patient creates an account, fills in the medical data, confirms the input data, sees the history of his medical visits, searches for nearest clinics and medical specialists, makes an appointment, shares data with a doctor, and receives reminders and recommendations. Moreover, if the patient doesn’t want to share some of the sensitive data, he can reject to provide it and still use the platform. Gamified Livs platform also allows patients to receive and withdraw rewards (gained for specific activities) and check the analytics.

Benefits: saved time, a convenient database of medical information, plus rewards and recommendations.

3. Livs admin. Admin logs into his account, manages the list of clients, sees analytics, and provides support for users and clients.

Indeed, the system of Livs will be GDPR compliant, information transmission will not affect the data, and users can be sure that the decentralized structure of the platform keeps their data secure. Isn’t it what we need? ?

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