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19 Feb 2020


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Software outsourcing is a popular and widely-used model of product development. Essentially, outsourcing software development means hiring a third-party contractor to do the software related work that could have been done in-house if it was reasonable in terms of resources and other conditions. Since developing a complete software application in-house demands money, time, and expertise, many small businesses turn to software outsourcing companies.

Quite often, outsourcing companies do not offer full-cycle development to their clients but rather provide for several developers responsible for a specific feature of a product. However, full-cycle development companies, such as Idealogic, render higher quality and better outcomes as they develop a comprehensive product rather than an aspect of it.

Risks Associated With Outsourced Development

Outsourcing software development helps young startups create a product with less overhead and leverage the talent that they may otherwise not be able to afford. However, not all outsourcing efforts end up successfully. If you happen to choose a wrong software development partner – who either does not understand your vision of the product or is not capable of developing a qualitative one – you may waste both your time and resources.

Even if companies providing custom development are able to build a high-end product, it is usually the product’s conformity with the client’s vision that matters the most. So regardless of how good and reputable is the outsourcing company and its developers, the main question is the final quality assurance.

If the client is more of a business person than a tech-savvy one, it is usually difficult for him to make sure that the development process goes smoothly and in accordance with his request.

Our Vision

We believe that it is beneficial to have a person to represent a client’s vision in the technical language and check the results presented by an outsourced development team.

An in-house chief technology officer (CTO) is a perfect match to that end. He may be either a part-time or full-time worker who understands the development process in itself and will be, so to say, a technical product owner. Such a person will help the client to be sure that the final product is of the maximum quality and compliant with the client’s idea and vision. Although having an in-house CTO will require more resources, in the long term, it will, in fact, save the client’s money as having such a worker will make him sure that the product meets his requirements and does not require additional spending.

At Idealogic, we have worked with numerous clients around the world and each of them has completely individual communication and interaction schemes with us. Despite the fact that the presence of a CTO or a tech-savvy person makes our development process more complicated because of additional resources spent in the development stage, we have to admit that a person that is deeply involved in the delivery of a project helps us to ensure better quality and code standards in comparison with those of clients who completely delegate all the expertise to us.

Therefore, we highly recommend everyone who is looking to bring an idea into life with any third-party development partner to consider hiring and inviting a part-time expert, solutions architect or product owner.

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