Pikkup App

PIKKUP platform aims to bridge the gap that exists between a car owner and a car service provider

PIKKUP is a mobile app that helps users to find the closest and cheapest assistance center for a broken car based on their geo-location.




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Clients needs

To see the nearest location of the car breakdown.

To have an instant connection between the user and the supplier.

To conduct a search using a user’s car register information.

To provide high level of service payment security.

Our solution

PIKKUP app is integrated with GPS module to provide the closest service for a user.

The app shows the locations of both a customer and a supplier and the distance between them.

PIKKUP operator selects the most appropriate service provider based on the car information given by a user.

PIKKUP is a data-centric product that will use a database to store information about users, suppliers and other participants.

Benefits for users

Quick and easy solution to find service assistance when needed

Verified car service providers

Simplified and secured payment system

Our work results

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