This is a simple and handy application for planning work and tasks, which will allow even the most procrastinators to get together and complete their tasks

25 Screens
2 Designers
50+ Hours

Client's Needs

App designed for efficient planning

Assigned tasks analysis

Incentives to hit targets

phone demo

“Repeat the event” function

Available on iOS and Android

Benefits for users

01 / User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface that requires no previous experience

02 / Functionality

The app is multifunctional, allowing for schedule and project management and incorporating analytics

03 / Usability

App that helps users achieve their needs with a few clicks

Our Solutions

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User-friendly interface to facilitate management

Schedule-tracking function

Assigned tasks analysis function

Work results

Please note that all our works are under NDA. Contact our managers to learn more about them

Please note that all our works are under NDA. We have changed brand names to display the projects on the website. To learn more about them, contact our managers via live chat.

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