Python Developer


Experience with Python 3 (2+ years)

Python Concurrency: threading, asyncio

One of the Python web frameworks: django, flask, etc.

Testing: TDD, unit tests, integrational tests

Networking: HTTP(s), WebSockets, SSH, TCP/IP, DNS

Experience with PostgreSQL or MySQL

One of: Redis, Kafka, beanstalkd, RabbitMQ, etc.

Crawlers and web scraping experience

Unix: command line, IPC, shell scripting

Experience with Docker, docker-compose

It would be a plus

XML, HTML, CSS/XPath selectors


Application monitoring and metric gathering

Headless browsers (qtwebkit, PhantomJS, Selenium, etc.)


Be confident and able to fully converse in English for day to day communication

See the task at hand broadly, discover and analyze possible solutions with the end-user in mind

Be able to think outside the box, and open to learning and improving skills

Be self-motivated and able to work independently in an agile environment

Be willing to work in the security or intelligence industry

Improve the existing product, communicate with technical support to resolve code issues

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