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“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no

Every successful journey`s end begins with a well-developed planning. We do believe that the key to profit-making project is a proper preparation. Planning is an essential part before starting your project development itself. Product Design helps us to catch your ideas considering your vision of a final result.

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Vladislav Shaldeev

Project manager

Elena Targonskaya

Business analyst

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Natalia Kosareva


How it works?

How it works?

Product Design is:


Detailed project structure and strategy that helps to get an idea of how all elements are combined and the way the project will be implemented.


An evaluation of the project is needed to forecast the workload that should be done considering budget and timeline expectations.


Creating the user stories we consider only the best experience in your future product development.

Road map

A strategic plan that set a goal or desired result including main steps or milestones that is needed for successful project.

How you benefit your business with Product Design?

Deep analysis and elaboration of the project

To make your project succeed we build a core architecture, resolve high risks elements and define requirements right at the beginning.

Reliable predictions of timelines and budgets

Making budgeting planning is the most effective way to keep your business finances and records on track.

Project roadmap

Knowing your project goals and objectives is a half way of reaching final destination.

Initiation documentations

Our team do it’s best to supply you with needed documentations for successful start of your project

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