Analytical platform that provides insights on brand performance

Comprehensive solution to track, analyze and visualize product data in the format of easy-to-understand graphs. Perfect tool to set and reach KPIs and significantly improve sales.



team members

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Clients needs

To gather accurate and up-to-date information from online retailers

To present the collected data in an easy-to-read format

To track the efficiency of promotion campaigns on specific products

To make the platform attractive to new retailers

To identify and track every single product

To check and control the quality of products representation

Benefits for users

Exact data from different sources of information

Extract products details from major website retailers

Analyse and forecast performance statistics on major retailers’ products

Easy-to-understand visual representation of massive amounts of data

Our solutions

Developed automated parsers and scraping modules that gather data from online sources on a daily basis

Made visually appealing platform with dashboards that are simple to adjust to meet client’s needs

Provided easy onboarding process for new corporate clients to make the platform user-friendly

Developed a mapping probability algorithm that prevents duplicating product items in the platform

Provided the visual promo campaigns representation: banners, durability, conditions

Implemented the analytic tool to compare the product representation to meet the product standard

Work results

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