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20 Oct 2020


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Written by Viktoriia Sivriuk, HR at Idealogic

What is better at making a person nervous and uncomfortable than a job interview? Hard to tell.   For candidates of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, a job interview is a challenge that quite often results in inconvenience and unease. Such anxiety is natural as a candidate is eager to get employment and does not always know how to behave, but it’s important to remember that excessive nervousness may spoil the first impression. To handle it, the best thing is to calm down, take a deep breath, and follow the tips which help to make the interview successful and auspicious. These are:

1. Get ready for the interview. The first thing to do is get to know the company you are planning to work for. Discover its core values, priorities, and main activities, and, if appropriate, show your knowledge during the interview. This may help you to express your strong interest in the position and also distinguish yourself from other candidates. The initiative will be definitely appreciated by an employer and increase your employability as employers like it when candidates “do their homework.”

2. Think over your interview look. The old proverb “clothes speak for men” is as relevant as ever. That’s why you should pay attention to what you are going to wear for the interview. The delicately selected outfit will put your best foot forward and consolidate your reputation. Quite often, smart casual is the best variant possible.

3. Think positively and smile. Put away all the bad thoughts, get your mind right, and don’t forget about your high spirits. Be sure, a positive attitude is always encouraged in the work process, as negativity leads to conflicts, misunderstandings, and decreasing effectiveness. Show your future employer that positive thinking is an integral part of your lifestyle. Remember, a genuine (but not forced) smile is also a key to success.

4. Your experience. Naturally, you should mention your previous experience during the interview. But the matter is how you do it and in what manner. That’s why rehearsing your speech in advance may a good idea. A well-organized speech will help you not only highlight your accomplishments and background but also avoid mumbling and stuttering. Tell the employer about your strengths properly!

5. Show your personality. This aspect is extremely important as an employer should see the real you, whether you fit the company culture or not. Of course, you should be friendly, witty, and personable, but don’t get too far away from who you are.

Job Interview at Idealogic

At Idealogic, apart from the aspects mentioned above, we also pay attention to whether a candidate meets our company’s values, which are honesty, effectiveness, idea commitment, innovativeness, reliability, and communication. That’s why our ideal candidate should:

1be honest with himself and his colleagues about the actions he is taking and share information required of collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making (honesty);

● focus on great results rather than on process and demonstrate consistently strong performance, so that colleagues can rely upon him (effectiveness);

● plan towards specific targets and be egoless when searching for the best ideas (idea commitment);

● re‐conceptualize issues to discover practical solutions to hard problems, challenge prevailing assumptions when warranted, and suggest better approaches (innovativeness);

● deliver on promises every time and stick to a set of principles and remain true to a defined ideology (reliability);

● find a common language and try to understand people of different views and beliefs, be friendly and communicate confidently, calmly, and openly (communication).

We are sure that adhering to these values has built up our reputation and behavior of our workers, which, in turn, led to the efficient operation of the whole company.

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