Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies by Idealogic

03 Apr 2023

Behind every business, there are many people and technologies that have the task to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operations. Launching and maintaining a business without proper software that helps to provide the correct performance of its functionality and cover specific needs is hard. 

As businesses differ from one another by size, capacities, and essentially business needs, custom software development is a solution that allows providing the most efficiency to particular business performance. Custom software is tailored to a specific business and besides smooth operations, allows it to compete with other companies on the market, implement future ideas easier, and grab opportunities to grow.

With such a variety of custom software development companies, it may be difficult to find one that can answer your business needs and understand the value your business brings to the market. As custom software may need scaling, upgrading, and fixing in the future, the company providing it should be a reliable partner for long-term cooperation.

In our ranking of the top 10 custom software development companies, you will find out the checklist of factors that may help you to make sure you settled with the right company for your business.

Selection Criteria

To each their own, still, some characteristics always matter when considering the best option. For our list, we’ve chosen the following.

  • Services quality

    Prominent cases with high-quality software solutions in the company’s portfolio define its ability to cater to your needs.

  • Technical expertise

    The development time depends on whether the developers know the stack your business needs and have experience in using it.

  • Customer feedback

    Reviews indicate satisfaction or disapproval and usually contain specific details of work processes. You may ask previous clients of the chosen company to share their experience of collaborating with that firm.

  • Market presence

    How the firm presents itself in the market using the site, social media, and media plays a vital role in forming a first impression.

Let’s look closer at the companies we’ve selected based on these criteria.

Since 2010, Simform has been focusing on digital product engineering, providing solutions mainly for mid and small businesses but enterprises as well. It implements DevOps and cloud-native development into its processes to achieve the best possible results. The company works with consulting, design, engineering, and development. Simform can also modernize the existing software. The firm has partnerships with AWS and Azure.

Simcom offers maintenance services after the release and a free trial period of up to two weeks when the customer has a chance to test the compatibility with the development team and decide whether to prolong collaboration or not. 

The company operates within four time zones and has offices across the US and one in India. The headquarters is in Orlando, Florida.

For 7 years, Idealogic has been developing high-tech custom software solutions primarily for e-commerce, venture capital, and fintech. It provides app and web development, product design, and quality assurance. The firm is an expert in blockchain solutions, for example, crypto wallets, NFTs projects, dApps development, smart contract, and others. Idealogic is eager to cooperate with startups, consult them, create an MVP, and cover post-launch support. 

Idealogic helps businesses boost their efficiency by creating custom software solutions according to specific needs and wishes. With Idealogic, the company gets a reliable partner who provides efficient, low-cost, and scalable products on time.

The company pays attention to security measures and signs NDAs if necessary to ensure the safety of the project’s data.

The company’s headquarters are in Wrocław, and the company is also presented in Tallinn.

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Since 2008, Yalantis has been providing various services for enterprises and midmarket in the fintech, healthcare, logistics, and real estate industries. It creates SaaS, end-to-end business solutions, digital transformation, mobile development, communication platforms, and blockchain solutions. 

Yalantis uses the latest technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, cloud and DevOps, big data analytics, robotics automation processes, etc.

The headquarters is in Warsaw. The company is also represented in Ukraine, Cyprus, and Estonia.

For 7 years, You are launched has been helping startups to enter the market and succeed. The company predominantly works with small and middle businesses. As You are launched is focused on startups, they provide four different packages based on the stage of development. For instance, they can help with designing prototypes, creating simple UX designs, landing pages, etc. to help in attracting investors and presentation of the product to the target audience in such a way that it will follow its future development. Other possible variants are the “PreDevelopment” package with a clickable prototype, among other things, the “MVP App Development” package, and finally, the “Custom App Development” package.

The company’s headquarters are located in Ukraine. There are also offices in the USA and Cyprus.

Atomic Object has been working productively with the middle market and enterprise since 2001. The company’s main focus is on finance, education, and manufacturing industries. Using the latest technologies, Atomic Object provides not only mobile and desktop app and web development but IoT and Cloud services. The company is engaged from the planning and evaluation to the product launch. Its goal is to become a partner and minimize the risks.

Atomic Object is a US-based company with headquarters in Michigan.

Founded in 2007, Vincit cooperates with all types of businesses, focusing on the entertainment and e-commerce industries. The company offers many services, including website and application development, product information management, IoT and embedded systems implementation, SAP enterprise solutions, cloud transformation, and others. Among these services, Vincit practices a preventive maintenance approach, meaning it collects operational metrics and analyzes them to prevent possible after-launch problems. 

Vincit is based in the US with headquarters in California.

Since 2018, TekRevol has been working on different projects for industries linked with energy & natural resources, real estate, healthcare, logistics, and others. It chiefly cooperates with mid and small businesses. The company uses the newest technological achievements, like AI and AR/VR. Their approach is to provide all types of businesses with scalable and performance-oriented solutions. 

TekRevol’s headquarters are in Texas, USA. The company is also represented in Canada, Pakistan, the UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain.

For 10 years, Cheesecake Labs has been providing its solutions to various industries, for example, financial services and e-commerce. The company concentrates on cooperation mainly with the middle market and small businesses. Among the usual web and app development, Cheesecake Labs also works with comparatively recent technologies, like blockchain, IoT, and web assistants. The company offers its help in building projects from scratch with roadmaps, time and resource estimation, and UI/UX design. Also, it can come to help in later stages, offering modernizing or developing special features.

Cheesecake Labs’ headquarters are in Brazil with another office in the US.

STX Next is a Polish company founded in 2005 that concentrates on projects for the financial, medical, and e-commerce industries. The company organizes discovery workshops and shares its expertise in machine learning and data engineering. It also provides the usual product design, web and mobile development, and DevOps. STX Next has over 550 employers and provides their time and skills for projects that need team extension. The company positions itself as a Python development company but uses other programming languages as well.

Headquarters and most offices of STX Next are in Poland. The company is also represented in the Netherlands, the UK, and Mexico.

Merixstudio has been outsourcing various software development services to financial, medical, gambling, and other industries since 1999. The company offers the development of end-to-end products and customers’ in-house team expansion as well. Over 250+ experienced employers work on web and mobile app development, software development consulting, and product design. Merixstudio keeps up with the times and offers advanced technological solutions based on machine learning and AI. The firm also suggests its hand in software modernization.

The headquarters are in Poland. Other locations are in the US, the UK, and Germany.

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What Else Matters in Choosing the Software Development Company?

Besides technological aspects, it is essential to pay attention to the company’s general approach when seeking the best software development company. Below, we’ve listed some factors that help you confirm you chose the best possible option for your company.

First, you need to find out how the chosen company prevents sensitive data leaks. Software development has to provide high-security measures, especially when it comes to fintech and e-commerce industries. Also, to avoid any sort of problems with intellectual property claims concerning code ownership, discover whether the company is ready to give you full access and control over the code.

Second, every project’s success depends on how precisely the development team worked on it. The workflow is much easier if the company satisfies your requirements about progress control and ensures that you have the opportunity to see how the development goes on step-by-step. When choosing a company, you must ensure it will deliver the product on time within the discussed timeframes.

Moreover, the development process requires cooperation between the two parties. Therefore, it is better to choose a company that will align with your values and culture. In that case, you can prevent any obstacles in the collaboration between your team and the software development company.

Finally, the location of the future company matters a lot. It is more convenient to be in the same time zone. However, If it’s not the case, it is good when the company proposes a communication model that will be comfortable for you.

Overall, the choice of a reliable software development company to fulfill your business needs may be challenging. However, once you know what factors matter to you specifically and assure that the company suits them, you may begin cooperation. If you are ready to start implementing your ideas, please reach the Idealogic team for consultation and development.

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