Top 5 Web Design Trends For 2020

20 May 2020


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Web design is a constantly changing field. Today, the technical possibilities are almost endless, and designers indulge in playing extremes, reinventing existing styles, and constantly experimenting with new techniques. On the other hand, there are some popular styles like the ever-present minimalism that just won’t go away although we’ve been seeing it for some time now. In this article, we are going to dive into web design 2020 and throw some light on the trends shaping the industry. We’ve carefully selected the five most prevalent trends to watch in 2020, so let’s get right into it!

1. Minimalism and Easy Navigation

Minimalism has become one of the classic design trends over the last several years and it just keeps going. The best thing about that trend is that although staying strong, it continues to evolve further. In 2020, minimalism is marked by large swaths of white space and extremely easy navigation. The latter is partly the result of the miniaturization of wearable devices like smartwatches. Ultra minimalist navigation reduces the difficulty in usability so that a user thinks less about moving around and actually browses the content of the website. Moreover, minimalism works not only because it’s easy to understand but also as it is elegant and appealing.

2. Immersive 3D

3D visuals have always delighted people – they provide for depth and create a greater sense of realism. The trend has been gaining momentum for several years, and we expect to see a lot more of it in 2020.

Until VR is cost-effective and more mainstream, hyper-realistic 3D is the best way to create immersive visuals on your website. Moreover, a stunning three-dimensional picture is a big plus for UX as well as it encourages users to stay longer. Another variation of the 3D trend is creating floating elements, soft shadows, and layers – it’s all about adding more depth.


3. Combining Graphics and Photography

This web design trend combines photography’s reality and graphics’ originality. Together, they make up for a memorable visual that adds some special charm and cuteness to otherwise bland product photos. On the other hand, adding some colorful artistic touch to a photo may help to better communicate sophisticated or abstract concepts like rocket-science tech or complicated finance. It’s a way of customizing your imagery and adding some personality. However, it is important to ensure that the style of graphics and illustrations matches the brand personality to create strong associations.

4. Breaking Typography Rules

Breaking typography rules includes odd spacing, sizing, or even line spacing or breaks – whatever a designer deems necessary to render the message to end-users. Typography is becoming more of an art element itself rather than an informational one. The important rule while following this trend, however, is to avoid hurting readability while experimenting with visuals. Users still have to understand what a website is trying to say, especially when its primary goal is to be practical rather than visually catchy.

5. Imperfections That Add Personality

Standardization is not as popular as it used to be. Users need personalization, and imperfect, hand-drawn design elements seem to suit that purpose perfectly. They inject emotion and humanity into websites – and that is exactly what seems fresh and appealing after years of seeing perfected yet impersonal graphics dominating websites worldwide. Hand-drawn realness helps to show users the heart and soul of a designer and his company.

Summing Up

In general, web designers are getting incredibly creative with existing styles and employing new features to freshen them. In 2020, they experiment with imperfections, customized typography rules, and minimalism, and, of course, combining photos and graphics – all of it to ensure that their web designs absolutely stand out and impress users while also staying functional and simple.

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